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1 [2016-03-14 Mon 08:47] Obligitory first post; GPG key + signature   website

I am speaking for the first time with my new voice. World, hello.

This is my mighty public key:

With it you can verify my signatures to make sure it's really me (if you trust that key, looks fishy to me) and you can send me super-private messages that no one else can read (same caveat).

If I've done things right, here's the signature for this page:

It should get updated each time I publish a change to this page. I intend for new content to appear at the bottom of the page, and I would like for the page to automatically scroll to whatever part of the blog the user was reading the last time they closed the page. I'm thinking of putting the header at the bottom and the footer at the top. Madcap.

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